Program Name: Master of Software Engineering (MSE)
Duration of Schooling: 1+1 years (course study+ internship+ thesis)
Tuition Fee: RMB 30,000 per year (Overall: RMB60,000)
Goal: MSE is mainly aimed to cultivate first-class software engineering talents.
    Software engineering is an evolving discipline which aims to build and maintain effective and practical high-quality software using engineering methods. Since information technology leads to the rapid development in Internet, cloud computing, Internet of things, big data, artificial intelligence, there are increasing demands for talents in this field.
Curriculum: The program is required to complete 30 credits according to the following categories:

Required Courses: ( 9 Credits, 3 Courses)
    a) Discrete Mathematics
    b) Algorithms Design and Analysis
    c) Advanced Software Engineering / Compiling Engineering

Elective Courses (14 Credits)
    a) Information Theory and Coding, Wireless Sensor Network, Linux Operating System, Data Mining, Distributed and Parallel System
    b) Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Secure Web Programming, Developing with J2ee, Seminar on High-Tech and Industry Application

Internship + Thesis (7 Credits)